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Resource Scheduling System



  • Do you still use a paper based project management and scheduling system to allocate jobs to your remote staff?
  • Can you easily schedule your resources (staff) centrally and have them view it remotely on their mobile devices?
  • Can your remote staff capture POE’s (Proof Of Execution) on their mobile phone to report back to head office of job completion?
  • Can you objectively assess staff performance using data derived from systems tracking?
  • Based on the current completion rates, can you easily determine if your project is on track from a financial and time basis?

MSolutions’ Resource Scheduling System are designed to keep track of your resources, assets and even invoices to enable your company to easily manage each project to timely completion.

Here are a few things that our Custom Resource Scheduling System can do:

  • Graphically schedule and view where all your resources and assets are deployed
  • Centrally track and manage Proof Of Execution
  • Tie staff incentives and bonus’ to timely and correct task completion
  • Easily manage project budgets and times

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