We build systems to suit your company processes

M3Solutions appreciate that most companies do not want to change their internal processes to suit software systems they buy. We instead use our extensive experience as custom software developers to build systems to suit and enhance your company processes.

Customer Success Stories

Significant cost reduction and Improvements in Staff Productivity

Founded in 2003, as Finance Technology Partners Software, M3Solutions are agile software developers building custom systems to enhance existing customer processes from extensive experience and close consultation. We specialize in legacy systems integration and process automation.

Do your teams run lots of complicated spreadsheets, collecting and inputting data from different sources?

Do you or your customers have to wait many days for responses or reports due to manual data processing?

M3Solutions creates integrated software systems that will save you thousands of work hours every month across your company’s core departments.

Some of the enterprise systems M3Solutions have created to date include:

  • Quoting and pricing systems
  • Project management and scheduling systems
  • Billing and loan management systems
  • Finance banking reconciliation systems
  • Channel marketing management systems
  • Product management systems
  • and more


Our time proven business automation systems today support over 1000 users and is designed to meet your business’s specific needs.

"M3Solutions have provided outstanding systems development and support to Ricoh Finance for many years. Their knowledge of integrating systems is shown in the quick and efficient manner they can meet a customers system requirements.The team at M3 Solutions are a pleasure to deal with and really understand core business needs."
David Berriman, Ricoh Finance